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At Medpipe, our largest client base for medical gas equipment is the hospital industry. We work with facilities to keep their medical gas systems functioning properly for patient safety and code compliance.  We cover all aspects of the medical gas systems from supplying the equipment to repairs and maintenance.  This includes inspections, maintenance and repairs on air systems, vacuum systems, alarms, zone valves, outlets and booms.  We also provide environmental testing and air exchanges in OR’s and other areas requiring testing.  Our qualified employees are able to handle anything from outlet repairs or pipe tracing to turn-key installations of bulk oxygen systems.  Medpipe can also assist in blue print review and verification of any size renovation or construction. 

Surgery Centers

Medpipe is a one-stop shop for surgery centers.  We can assist in the design-build of a new facility or a renovation of an existing surgery center.  Our skilled crew is capable of supplying and installing the medical gas system as well as the testing and maintenance to keep the equipment running safely and efficiently.  Many times it is difficult for a surgery center to source all of the equipment that is required, but Medpipe has simplified this process by being able to provide not only the medical gas equipment but many of the other items that are required for a functioning facility. Additionally, Medpipe can also provide beds, headwalls, flow meters, regulators, booms, lights, and furniture. With Medpipe, you won't need to chase multiple vendors if an issue arises.


Medpipe also specializes in laboratory equipment and design.  We are a supplier of specialty gas equipment which includes everything from high purity manifold systems, containment systems, to the delivery regulators and turrets.  With years of expericence providing equipment and service to many different levels of labs (Including training labs, pharmaceutical, welding shops, medical testing, and manufacturing) Medpipe has the training and skill set to tackle any job.  If you have a project that includes compressed gas or specialty gas, we have a team of experts that can assist in the implementation and equipment.

Wound Care

With hyperbaric units becoming more popular in recent years, Medpipe has been involved in multiple projects including single chambers and multiple chambers.  Medpipe can provide a full suite of services including everything from recommending the correct size of equipment needed, to the bulk oxygen supply and the delivery boxes in the patient rooms. Please contact us for a free evaluation.


We supply the special equipment required for animal care including a full line of manifolds, passive vacuum systems and alarms required to keep the procedures safe and efficient.


Medical gas within a hospice facility is extremely critical.  Medpipe can provide and maintain the high flow equipment required to ensure that there is never an interruption of gases.


Dental clinics are often on a limited budget and medical gas equipment tends to be less of a priority which leaves dentists' equipment run down or obsolete. Medpipe offers a full line of affordable dental equipment for those on a budget.  We offer oxygen and nitrous manifolds as well as alarm systems and outlets.  We specialize in dental air and dental vacuum systems and work with small private practices, large dental schools and everything in between.  We have a team of specialists that can assist in the sizing and design of equipment no matter the size of the facility.

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