Medical Gas Testing Service

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Annual Medical Gas Inspections

Our medical gas testing services for annual medical gas inspections meet the requirements of the following:

  • Joint Commission
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMMS)
  • State regulation

Computerized Medical Gas Testing and Maintenance Tracking System

Medpipe is currently in the final stages of beta testing a computerized medical gas testing and maintenance tracking system.

This system is able to identify specific assets and track testing results as well as repair results. It provides inventory tracking and customized reporting.  

It is also designed to integrate with a facility’s current asset management work order program, thus allowing the facility to maintain their current bar code system.

This computerized program, along with our large knowledgeable staff allows Medpipe to service facilities of all sizes from stand-alone surgery centers to entire healthcare systems with multiple locations. 

Customer Tailored Programs

We work with each customer to create a program tailored to their facility that meets all requirements and supports the customer’s effort to continuously comply with the requirements.
Reports can be provided in both paper and digital format. Online access is available to customers using a customer login to view their reports.

Testing Programs:

  • Inspection only
  • Repair deficiencies during the inspection as they are identified
  • During inspection, work with facility maintenance staff to have deficiencies corrected by them
  • After the inspection, Medpipe can consult with the facility to develop a correction plan to comply with healthcare facility standards

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